Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in Koregaon Park

In our ever so busy lives, it’s sometimes very difficult to find the right balance between work and fitness. One big factor that affects this balance is how close a fitness studio is to you. So in these series of posts, we bring to you the Top 10 Fitness Studios in all the prominent areas of Pune. Here is our exclusive list of the Best gyms & fitness studios in Koregaon Park, (KP) & Camp in Pune. Make sure you check them out if you live nearby!!

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Crossfit Vyom Best Crossfit Gyms Koregaon Park Pune Fitato

Crossfit Vyom is one of the few Crossfit Bar’s in Pune who have managed to keep their workouts as raw as possible. Their facilities are one of the best in the city, and they surely know how to keep you engaged. (You can read more on Crossfit and the techniques involved here) A fully equipped facility with Nitesh as the head trainer, it’s definitely one of the best CrossFit studios not only in Koregaon Park but also in Pune.

Location of Crossfit Vyom in Koregaon Park: Survey No 37, Hissa no. 1c, Near Westin, Koregaon Park Annex, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra

Your Fitness Club Best Gyms Koregaon Park Pune Fitato

With an absolute massive array of fitness equipment, Fitness + had to be on our Top 10 Gyms list. They have a very prompt staff. They tend to all your needs and help you through your fitness requirement’s with ease. A friendly environment, they have amazing trainers and good equipment, which makes it one of the best gyms in KP.

Location of Fitness+ in KP: Plot No.1, Valentina CHS, Road, N Main Rd, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra

The Feet Circus Best Zumba Classes Gyms Koregaon Park Pune Fitato

The Feet Circus has been on our topbest list’s for a while now. Their unique mix of dance and yoga makes it a fun and calorie-burning experience. Be sure to check them out if you’re in the area! It has also been featured on our “Best Classes for Zumba”, check it out here!  Priyanka, the owner and wildly famous dancer is one of the best trainer’s you can find in Koregaon Park and it is definitely one of the best classes to attend in KP.

Location of The Feet Circus in Koregaon Park: 101, PowerPoint, Lane 6, Pingale Corner, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra

Mickey Mehta 360 Wellness Best Yoga Gyms In Koregaon Park Pune Fitato

Mickey has inter-woven the philosophies of Zen, Tao, Tantra and Ved into his workout’s. He promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science explicitly, putting him in the Top 10 Fitness Studios list of Fitato for Koregaon Park.

Location of Mickey Mehta’s Wellness 360 in Koregaon Park: A-2, N Main Rd, Ashok Chakra Society, Liberty Phase 2, Ragvilas Society, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra

The Yoga Light's Studio Best Yoga Classes Gyms Koregaon Park Pune Fitato

The Yoga Lights Studio uses yoga not only as a tool of fitness, but also of cultural integration. You can see numerous foreign nationals coming here regularly and having a peaceful yoga session. Yoga is a road to enlightenment, and the road starts from Yoga Lights Studio. It’s peaceful atmosphere and amazing training by Mr Ajay makes it the best Yoga Studio in Koregaon Park.

Location of Yoga Lights Studio in Koregaon Park: Meeranagar society, B-8 / 7, lane 7, Koregaon park, Pune, Maharashtra

I Fitness Destiny Best Gyms In Koregaon Park Camp Pune Fitato

A motivational place where all are welcomed to try and change the way they live their live’s. With a rooftop workout space, I Fitness Destiny is in one of the prime locations near KP that you can visit to shed some serious sweat! Which definitely makes it one of the best gym’s to work-out in Camp.

Location of I Fitness Destiny in Camp: 598, Sachapir Street, Above Andhra Bank, Pune, Maharashtra

Dedicated majorly to self defense, Orient Combat Arts is an old organization working towards serving the people with quality education in the various techniques of fighting. They have a strong group of instructors and we had no doubt in putting them on our Top 10 Fitness Studios list. They are the ones doing MMA classes in Koregaon Park,

Location of Orient Combat Arts in Koregaon Park: Arshin Pushpa Bhandar, Opp. Gupta Medical, Ghorpadi Bazar, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra

Shiraz Belly Dance Academy Best Dance Classes Pune Koregaon Park Camp Fitato

Shiraz is no doubt one of the most popular belly dancers you will ever see. Performing in various large scale event’s and teaching a whole lot of celebrities, her classes are just as fun as her professional performances. One of the few Belly Dancing classes in Pune, right here in KP.

Location of Shiraz Belly Dance in Koregaon Park: Shanti Niketan Ground Floor, Off Nibm Road, Wanowrie, Pune

Pulse The Studio Best Gyms In Koregaon Park Camp Pune Fitato

Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio offers a place where people can learn to dance, workout and meet new people. Their instructors are some of Pune’s top dancers giving them a place in Fitato’s Best Fitness Studios list in KP, it is definitely one of the top ranking dance classes in Koregaon Park.

Location of Pulse The Studio in Camp: East Street Camp, Yogesh house Ground Floor, Camp Ambedkar Road, Pune, Maharashtra

J dance Academy Best Gyms & Fitness Studios In Koregaon Park Camp Pune Fitato

A dance academy dedicated towards teaching you the latest dance moves and techniques from the top professionals in the area. J Dance academy will bring out the dancer in you and all of your family!

Location of J Dance Academy in Camp: D P Road, Pune Station, Pune, Maharashtra

Best Gyms Koregaon Park Camp Pune

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